Exeter Company of Archers

Introduction to Archery taster sessions & Beginner’s Courses

What clothing should I wear?

You should wear comfortable but close-fitting clothing. In particular it's important that you don't wear jumpers or jackets with baggy sleeves as bow strings tend to catch on them & spoil your shot. Similarly long hair may need to be tied back and nose piercings removed for safety. Please wear suitable footwear i.e. not open shoes or sandals etc.

Who will be there to help me?

You will be under instruction from a qualified coach or coaches, with support from experienced archers on a one to one basis.

How much does it cost?

We have to keep our prices under review due to the cost of the our venue and maintenance of our equipment. To give you an idea, our last Introduction to Archery session (2hrs) cost £10 and the six week Beginner’s course cost £60.

How far do I have to shoot?

Between 5-20 metres.

Will I have to shoot on my own?

No, normally several people shoot at the same time on their own target. Shooting is under the control of a field captain who blows a whistle to stop and start shooting.

How many arrows do I shoot?

This depends on the time available and the number of people attending the session. We would normally hope to get 4 dozen arrows (48 arrows) shot in a 2 hour session, 3 arrows are shot at a time.

Do I need to bring any of my own equipment?

No, all equipment is provided. We recommend that you ask advice on purchasing equipment after you have completed a beginner’s course and have joined the club.

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Other Questions

Do you attend fetes, fairs and shows?

Yes, we typically attend 2-3 throughout the summer-autumn. Please note that there may be entry charges to the event itself and a token charge for shooting.

Please check our calendar or facebook site for details of which events we’ll be attending throughout the year.

If you would like us to attend your event, please contact our secretary.

I have been a member of GNAS/Archery GB or completed a beginners course, can I join the club?

Please contact our Secretary for more information. See also the Membership section under Joining the Club.

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