Exeter Company of Archers


Club Outdoor Championships

Sunday 30th July - Setup from 1:30

Our annual outdoor club championship will be held on Sunday 30th July shooting a Warwick round.

Please arrive in good time for setting up which is from 1:30 with assembly at 2pm.

Available Rounds:

  • Warwick (60/50yds)
  • Short Warwick (50/40yds)
  • Junior Warwick (40/30yds)
  • Short Junior Warwick (30/20yds)
  • 2 dozen arrows at each distance.

Enter round appropriate to your ability, eg. second class and above, normally to enter Warwick. Novices, juniors, or if unsure, please ask for advice.

As the club’s tournament software will be in use, it will not be possible to enter on the day. If in doubt, please enter anyway. Archery GB recognised target bowstyles only.

Please enter on entry sheet (closing date – Friday 28/7/17, end of meeting). Due to short notice, email entries will also be accepted on this occasion to: tournaments@exeter-archers.co.uk (closing date Saturday 29/7/17, 9pm).

Please state full name, bowstyle, and round entered.

Results should be available at the meeting. Awards will be presented at the meeting or at the September AGM.

There is no shooting fee for club members.

Please return any 2016 outdoor trophies in time for the event.

Any queries: please contact Phillip Rees at tournaments@exeter-archers.co.uk